Chenille Robes

Luxury Chenille Robes in 100% Cotton Chenille to add extra Softness and Comfort. Bath and Robes are confident to supply the finest of Chenille Robes with their 20+ years experience working alongside Stan Herman 'The Captain of Chenille'.

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  1. Stan Herman Chenille Robe

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    Stan Hermans famous Two Toned Chenille Robe


    One of Stan Hermans most demanded Chenille Robe is now back by Bath and Robes! This unique robe has a front opening zipper from the collar to all the way down near the hem. It can be easily zipped up and down. The stand collar provides warmth for the neck. Enjoy the textured patterned fabric on the front panel, collar and cuffs. Get stylish with this two toned, pastel colored robe this season! 

    Model is wearing size Small
    Model height: 5'9 

     Available in Plus sizes

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