Chenille Robes

Luxury Chenille Robes in 100% Cotton Chenille to add extra Softness and Comfort. Bath and Robes are confident to supply the finest of Chenille Robes with their 20+ years experience working alongside Stan Herman 'The Captain of Chenille'.

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  1. Vintage Chenille Robes

    Vine Floral Embroidered Vintage Chenille Robe


    Full Length Cotton Vintage Chenille Robe. Lavish hour glass tie-up Vintage Chenille Bathrobe with design and plain smooth texture along collar and cuffs with overlay embroidery. Perfect to wear after a hot steamy shower and to stay warm.

    Model is wearing size Small
    Model height: 5'9 

    Available in Plus sizes

    *See Product Description for more infomation*

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