Stan Herman: The Captain of Chenille Robes


Stan Herman: The Captain of Chenille Robes

He wasn’t just the best designer for Chenille robes. He was an
Activist, Humanitarian, a leading QVC fashion designer, The President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) for 16 as well as the founding president of Events Management Company Seventh on Sixth, the Original Producer of New York Fashion Week. Having achieved a senior position his modesty, sincerity and communication with the public is admired and respected by many.

The Beginning

Stan Hermans’ career began when he graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art and planning in 1950. Shortly after graduating Stan Herman took the initiative to follow the flourishing Fashion Industry in New York and began working under the Label ‘Mr Mort’. His innovative ideas and his determination lead him to transform the fashion label into a leading clothing line. During his several years spent at Mr Mort, Stan was awarded three Coty American Fashion Critics awards which was only the beginning of his success.

Stan had built a reputation as the ‘The People’s Designer’ which captured the attention of many successful companies who then began to request Stan to design uniforms for their employees. Soon after, Stan took the initiative to begin his own loungewear line and designed uniforms and other loungewear products for corporations like FedEx, TWA, McDonald’s, Amtrak, United Airlines and JetBlue.

The Rise of Chenille

Stan introduced his loungewear line at QVC of Chenille Robes, which became a blooming industry; Stan Herman’s Chenille Robes became one of the biggest sellers in QVC and was widely recognised over the globe making him the ‘Captain of Chenille’. Herman’s Robes are still in great demand.


Stan’s Chenille robes were first manufactured in Crowntuft, which later became a division of the Kellwood Company, one of the leading US apparel makers. The high costs of manufacturing tufted chenille in the US encouraged the CEO of Kellwood Company to open a new manufacturing plant in Pakistan, which would soley specialize in Chenille. In 2002, Crowntuft Alabama USA was then shifted to Pakistan including all the fine equipment and infrastructure Crowntuft had implemented. Kellwood Company named the manufacturing unit ‘Shahzad Apparels’, now known as a Joint Venture company with Kellwood Co.

This newly implemented plant in Pakistan was a great success to Kellwood Co as they managed twice the amount of profit. Today Shahzad Apparels has dominated 90% of the Chenille market by supplying Luxurious Soft Cotton Chenille products to large well known retailers worldwide. Stan Herman took advantage of the high demand for his product and formed a niche market of Chenille Robes made from the finest Cotton, which continue to uphold their lavish reputation.

After many years of working with Kellwood Company, Stan Left Kellwood Co due to the fact that Crowntuft division was sold to a Korean company and therefore Kellwood had stopped producing Chenille Robes. Herman partnered up with Carole Hochman designs and introduced Chenille Robes to QVC, JC Penny, Dillards and many other major retailers. Sadly, Carole Hochman was sold to Komar who stopped buying Chenille Robes. After his many years of experience with Chenille Robes and working with different companies, Stan Herman had become the Pioneer and ‘The captain of Chenille’. His knowledge, efforts and expertise about Chenille Robes is still highly acknowledged and appreciated by many customers who continue to invest in these products.

His last email that we received on the 22nd Jan 2015 quoted “I love Chenille.” It has been an Honour for Bath & Robes to work with not just a fashion designer but a great man.

Stan Herman is Chenille, and Chenille is Stan Herman!