Chenille Robes & Chenille Bathrobes – Luxury Fashion


Chenille Robes & Chenille Bathrobes – Luxury Fashion

Chenille Robes were introduced in the late 1890’s as a Luxury fashion item. It has now been almost 100 years and Chenille Robes are still in great demand. The soft tufted Cotton used to produce the robes has won the hearts of many pre-existing and new customers. The excellent quality and sensational softness of Chenille is best to none (Terry Cloth etc).  The quantity of Cotton Yarn used to tuft the fabric to achieve the soft texture requires very expensive and specialised machinery and therefore there are only a few manufacturers in the world producing these fine Chenille Robes.


Different styles of Chenille Robes (Vintage Chenille Robe)

Chenille Robes come in various styles, designs and colors. When these robes were first introduced to the market, the robes were long in length and usually had overlay embroidery. The cuffs were also very wide as well as the shoulders. These Vintage Chenille bathrobes for women continue to look beautiful with their amazing tufted designs, vibrant colors and overlay embroidery. Today the demand for these robes are still very high where many pre-owned Vintage Chenille Robes are available to buy online. However, these Vintage Chenille Robes are not for everyone and this is where the Captain of Chenille, Stan Herman came into the play. He realised there had been a major shift in fashion, especially modern day fashion which is ever envolving. Stan Herman applied unique features to these Luxury 100% Cotton Chenille Robes and gave them a fresh modern ‘make over’ ensuring to maintain their originality, which proved to be a huge success in the 90s and early 2000. The soft tufted Cotton Chenille robe became an all in one Luxury Fashion item due to its superb quality and its subtle, yet outstanding designs which won the hearts of every age group, to the extent where it  became a necessity in every household, to have at least one Chenille Robe.

100% Cotton Chenille Robe

When Stan Herman launched his line of Chenille Bathrobes for women, many of them consisted a composition of 100% Cotton Chenille and 75% Cotton and 25% Polyester. However the softness, comfort and warmth of the 100% tufted Cotton was the golden element of these Bathrobes, which became the most favoured robes across the globe. As a result of the high demand of Cotton Chenille, Bath and Robes launched their own line of 100% Cotton Chenille Robes as well as a wide range wide range of 75% Cotton / 25% Polyester Chenille Bathrobes to accommodate for all our lovely customers. Regardless of the composition, each robe is a unique extravagant product.

Chenille Bathrobe Full Length with Shawl

A long length Chenille Bathrobe with a shawl collar is an all time favourite, as it is an extremely comfortable and easy robe to wear with the help of the belt. The soft Cotton Chenille yarn that is tufted to produce Chenille fabric, gives the collar an exquisite luxury look as well as guaranteed additional warmth and comfort around your neck. The majority of Chenille Bathrobes with the shawl collar come in full long length which reaches your ankles. Many of our customers love to take our bathrobes to the spa with them as they want to be comfortable in their own soft, stylish and luxurious robe.

Long Chenille Robe with Zipper

Another favourite Chenille Bathrobe is the Long Chenille Robe with a zipper opening. Our loyal customers admire the practicality and ease of slipping into this robe which also provides a sensationally warm feeling…. All you have to do is slide yourself in and zip it up! The zipper runs along the full length robe reaching into a stand collar making sure the body is fully insulated yet providing extra comfort with the breathable chenille cotton hence why its great for the autumn winds. This full length robe has become a superb household fashion item. Whether you decide to have a lazy Sunday in front of the TV or have last minute guests, its versatile look can be worn anytime of the day.  Our beautiful and elegant overlay embroidery designs around the chest and cuffs makes the full length robe exquisite. Unlike many who have flat appliques on their robes, our hand designed embroidery is tufted using 100% cotton yarns giving it a very soft and fluffy feel. Just be careful of the little kids having pull on the amazing 3D looking flowers!

Buttoned Chenille Bathrobe

The buttoned Chenille Bathrobe is one of our most versitile elegant looking robes. Whether you are feeling cold or warm, our beautiful buttons are attatched all along the Long Chenille robe. Think of it as a long jacket with buttons. Bath and Robes have now made this bathrobe available in both full length and knee length as we love to keep up with fashion!

Knee-Length Chenille Robes

Our aim is to personalise our service to accommodate all needs of our customers and to ensure our customers are completely satisfied, and so upon all the requests from our customers to provide knee length products our lovely design team has been working extremely hard to produce this new line. Since the chenille market has been changing and the younger generations are becoming aware of Chenille Robes, there has been a great demand for knee length bathrobes. Knee-Length robes are practical and easy to manage which too come in various colors with many overlay embroidery patterns. The robes are carefully designed and well thought of much like the original Chenille Robes. Bath & Robes thrive to keep our customers completely satisfied and will continue to provide current designs requested by our customers.