Stan Herman: The Captain of Chenille Robes

He wasn’t just the best designer for Chenille robes. He was an
Activist, Humanitarian, a leading QVC fashion designer, The President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) for 16 as well as the founding president of Events Management Company Seventh on Sixth, the Original Producer of New York Fashion Week. Having achieved a senior position his modesty, sincerity and communication with the public is admired and respected by many.


Chenille Robes & Chenille Bathrobes – Luxury Fashion

Chenille Robes were introduced in the late 1890’s as a Luxury fashion item. It has now been almost 100 years and Chenille Robes are still in great demand. The soft tufted Cotton used to produce the robes has won the hearts of many pre-existing and new customers. The excellent quality and sensational softness of Chenille is best to none (Terry Cloth etc).  The quantity of Cotton Yarn used to tuft the fabric to achieve the soft texture requires very expensive and specialised machinery and therefore there are only a few manufacturers in the world producing these fine Chenille Robes.