B&R Chenille

Bath & Robes Chenille 


Many years ago the founder of Bath & Robes began manufacturing Chenille garments and collaborated with Stan Herman to build the Chenille Empire. The team have devoted their time, hard work and determination to eliminate any imperfections and impurities in the production process. Over the years they have been successful in refining the accuracy of the machines to produce only the deluxe Chenille fabric out of the finest cotton yarns. Bath & Robes' attention to detail and the strive for perfection has set us above many manufactures and are proud to announce that we are the only manufacturers left in the world to fabricate Genuine Chenille Cotton. Our extreme dedication to achieve excellence has allowed us to produce our very own range of luxurious products including Chenille Robes, Bed Jackets, Bedspreads, Throws and many more.

Chenille is a unique tufted fabric which makes it exclusive. Our cultivated machines have been cultured to provide the highest quality Chenille. Those who have experienced the touch of Chenille will know softness of the fabric and how the fingers gently sink in. This is the beauty of having soft cotton piles on the topside of the fabric and flat soft cotton on the underside. To maintain the softness and quality of the cotton, we only dye completed garments rather than the fabric before production. 

The magnificence of Genuine Chenille is that it can absorb water straight away ensuring not to leave any moisture; its natural composition allows the cloth to breathe preventing any perspiration. These features make Chenille perfect to wear after a bath or a shower. 

Bath and Robes are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality Chenille products and we will continue to maintain our unbeatable standards...